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In 2022 I had the pleasure of working with her as my film CRYPTOPIA was selected to be screened (twice) and I was invited to participate in the panels surrounding the festival. I was very impressed by the professional marketing effort that exceeded anything that I had experienced in more than 25 other festivals my documentary was nominated at.

 She successfully gained sponsors and managed a diverse programme during the week. I can highly recommend not only visiting the festival, which is a real cultural gem on the island, but also working with Ana in any capacity. She is very smart, ultra driven, and gets things done fast.

Moreover, Ana generated significant income streams to local charities!


Torsten Hoffman, filmmaker, CRYPTOPIA: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet

I had the privilege of working with Ana recently through the 'Cayman Documentary Festival.' I can truly say she is a visionary, she is skilled in her field, committed and genuinely has an interest in community development. She conceptualised and successful executed a project that at a glanced seemed far fetched for the Cayman community.
Her leadership skills are admirable.
I have no reservation in recommending her for future jobs.


Mariesha Spencer, Cayman Island Crisis Centre

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