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After five years in the Grand Cayman, where Ana was the foundering Director of the Cayman documentary Festival and Curator&Cultural Programmer at Parcel110, she returned to London.

Cayman Documentary Festival was a hugely successful experiment that involved six films and panel discussions featuring six local charities. Thousands of people saw thought-provoking documentaries and participated in lively discussion panels with representatives of charitable, voluntary and statutory agencies and, on two occasions, the President of the Cayman Islands himself.

She is also a founder of the Southeast Europe Future Festival (SEEF) that brings the best post-Yugoslav culture, documentary film and SEE photography to Shoreditch. SEEF is a two-day celebration of SEE creativity, noteworthy academic topics and identity politics happening during the month of September. You can expect exciting talks, various documentary screenings, music, art, performance and photography exhibitions.


Russell-Omaljev is the author of the award-nominated book “Divided We Stand: Discourses on Identity in ‘First’ and ‘Other’ Serbia. Social Construction of the Self and the Other.”


She was the creative director of CoBA, a collective established in 2016 to give a voice to artists from the Balkans within the specific landscape of London.


She divides her time between London, Belgrade and the Cayman Islands.


BA in General Literature and Theory of Literature,

Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade

MA in International Relations, University of Reading, UK

PhD in Politics of Identity, University of Reading, UK

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