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Heterotopia: The Spaces of Otherness, Serbian House, Mayfair

1/22 July 2017


There is a place where more incompatible spaces interact – the so-called ‘heterotopia’, as described by Michele Foucault. In the context of art, this spatial metaphor revives an ambient not belonging to the art sphere. Other places can also be atypical exhibition spaces, which while using different art media, offer something new. The multi-layered perception of an exhibition space inevitably evokes heterotopic areas characterized by diverse political and cultural experiences.

The forthcoming exhibition, at the Serbian House in London, represents a revival of the relocated site and its reactualization. The heterotopic aspect is reflected through elimination of existing differences and distances, with the Other incorporated into the art itself. The participating artists feel strongly about these ideas and deal with spaces from different perspectives, mostly concerned with passing and detachment.

The artists examined phenomena and discourses crucial for identification of various trends within the Serbian and regional art scene, largely contributing to the overall development of visual arts in Serbia. As a common determinant of their work is the desire to join the world market. In such an environment a new artistic practice has been created, offering the full autonomy of expression, but also implying responsibilities towards the future. The exhibition at the Serbian House is a significant step in connecting authors whose work contributes to an understanding of the current social issues and opening of fresh opportunities.

Heterotopia: The Spaces of Otherness, 7 Dering Street, London W1S 1AE, in the period 1 – 22 July 2017.

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